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'9th Soohoh Artist Contest'

'9th Soohoh Artist Contest'


Soohoh gallery holds '9th Soohoh Artist Contest' to support domestic/international artists who engage in promising, original works not confined to genres.


Soohoh gallery's selected artists will be holding solo exhibition with supporting funds.

We wish to receive attention and applications from competent artists.


Awards Specialty: Contemporary arts

Reception date




*valid by 08.25



1. artists who works from a original, creative point of view

2. artists who can hold a solo exhibition at Soohoh

3. undergraduate/graduate students

4. Korean citizens, Korean nationals abroad


Awards Evaluation Procedure

Document, portfolio screening -> telephone interview


Primary portfolio candidate notification


*Interview schedule will be notified individually


Final announcement


*Will be notified individually/by Soohoh Gallery's website

*Date of notificationsare changeable



Documents for submission

1. Awards application form, exhibition planning: attached

(also downloadable from Soohoh Gallery website http://www.soohoh.com)

2. Portfolio(2015~2017), at least 10 latest works with captions (3 pieces in case of media works, only JPG files are submitted)

3. Profile (Korean, English)

4. Artist Statement (Korean, English)

5. Resume (including Self-introduction) (*Required)

6. free format portfolio/booklet (*Optional)


Submission Procedure

-Online Submission: soohoh88@naver.com

title: '9th Soohoh Artist Contest'

(ex. Hong gil dong-9th Soohoh Artist Contest)

*File name should be in the artist's name,

-submission by post/visit: documents and CD are required


<Aid for Awards winner>

1. Awards winner artists group exhibition (to be announced)

2. Solo exhibition

3. Endowed with qualification for Soohoh Gallery exhibition, external art fair, and other projects (will be selected after solo exhibition)

4. Artist management, supports interaction


[Aids for group/solo exhibition]

1. Free gallery rental (15days)

2. Provides exhibition leaflet, banner

3. Exhibition promotion (Online/Offline)

4. Opening reception preparation and progress (provides refreshments)


<Other inquiry>


(phone inquiries related to the awards are not available. Please contact through Email.)